A downloadable game for Windows

Mysterious Robots is a top-down-shooter with a unique artstyle and crazy transformations. You can collect more than a dozen of weapons with different shot types from a minigun to a shotgun and even back to a bow. There are also more than 30 objects that you can use for help. If this aren't enough for you, you can unlock more weapons and items in a ingame shop. Different endbosses with special abilities and a trigger system supply for you a varied gameplay. You can discover 5 characters and play in different surroundings in 2 modes. At the end a small saving system can load your score and achievements, so you don't have to start the game from the beginning.

The Book of Knowledge will give you some tutorial informations about everything in future.

You are only able to play 2 modes easy and normal. There is no random room generator for now.

Sadly the game is still (since 2 years development) not finished. If this game should be sold often the game will be back in development, but for now I will take a small break and start a new project.

Pls before you buy this game check the free beta. Link is in the top right cornor.

Main Difference of the beta:

+first site of the BoK (Book of Knowledge)

+Beta (character) overwork

-Hollow (character) no shoot animation

+sound and audio options

If you should have some questions about it pls give a comment.

I will take the time to fix bugs and take some ideas from comments.

Pls also give me information about if I did something wrong in uploading.


Mysterious Robots-1.5.1 (Beta, Hollow Update).exe 91 MB
Mysterious Robots-1.5.1 (Beta, Hollow Update).zip 116 MB